About the Author

I am a wife. I am a mother of grown children. I freely admit I am 48 (at this writing) and happy to be so. Like many women, I am constantly reinventing myself. I do this through hobbies, work choices, haircolor, reading material and personal choices. I am allergic to lavender. I am a college student (at left, see me graduate with my associate’s, magna cum laude and Phi Theta Kappa). I have changed my major several times until I am back at the major I started with, over 30 years ago at the Univesity of Arizona. Creative Writing, if you wondered.

I have a child in an active  warzone, serving her country. That is the scariest thing I have ever had to face. I have two more children who are students, one of which is getting ready to pass me in college. These three girls are my Three Divas. They really, truly are Divas. My husband, one hell of a guy, is an Addictions  Professional. Of the five of us, three are Leos. The Hubs and the oldest and yongest child (born on the same day, 5 years apart) are the cats. My Gemini and I, a Libra, are both middle children. Luckily we have loud voices and strong opinions.  As you can imagine, it’s wall to wall ego in our house.

I am a rabid reader. I will read anything. I am also a rabid re-enactor. I am a member of the Mylert Creek Militia at Old Mill Village in New Milford PA. I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and you can read my various writings on historical topics by googling my historic name, Dame Aoife Finn, cl, cp.  Also see the online newspaper SCAtoday. My columns from the past (I’m on extended sabatical) are under Aoife’s Links on the side menu. Last time I looked, they still ranked as the most-read articles at the paper. of all time.

Mostly, I am just another person who is trying to find herself. Thanks for reading my blog.


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